Maintaining sharp detail when copying maps to PowerPoint

Discussion created by trevelyan on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by JWest82
In ArcMap 10.1 I created a map of New Mexico's counties. The counties are labeled with the county names. Because there are so many small counties, it is difficult to squeeze in the county names in such a way that they appear sharp and legible. When I was finally satisfied with the legibility in ArcMap, I tried various ways to move the map into PowerPoint. These included a straight copy-paste from ArcMap and initial exports into pdf, jpg, gif, bitmap, emf before copy-paste. In every case, the quality of the image was degraded such that legibilty was unacceptable in PowerPoint. Can anyone tell me the best way to do this? Thanks,
-- Edward Trevelyan