Updating Map Cache - Adjacent Tiles

Discussion created by deleted-user-ATjHIWsdQYmT on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by jari.siiskonenesri-fi-esridist
I have a cached map service that contains data from several contiguous states.  I've cached several levels and all is well.  I will periodically need to add data from adjacent states and update my map cache.  I can do this by managing my tiles and using the "recreate empty tiles" option.  I have found that where two states meet and tiles exist from one state, the cache is not recreated for that area.  For instance, I have a cached map service for the state of Pennsylvania.  If I add data for New York, the tiles where the two states meet don't get recreated because the tiles exist for Pennsylvania -including blank/whitespace for New York.

My question is - how can I update the adjacent tiles without having to rebuild the entire map cache?