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Hidden legend items still (usually) show up in gallery web app

Question asked by epsimpson on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by epsimpson
I am using the configurable gallery web app template.  Each map has 4 layers, but I only want 1 layer to show up in the Legend.  The first time I tried hiding the layers, saving the layers, and saving the map, it worked.  Only the desired layer shows up in the web app legend for that map.  Every map we've generated since then all the layers continue to show up in the web app legend.  I keep thinking maybe if I can find the specific order of mouse clicks I used for the first map I can get it to work for the rest, but so far no dice.  I have found the order of mouse clicks sometimes does make a difference in how the maps appear in the gallery web app.  Has anyone else seen this and figured out how to consistently hide those pesky extra layers in the web app legend?