Street Ranges StreetMap NA 2013

Discussion created by kjlistman on Oct 30, 2013
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I recently extracted the SMNA 2013 data from the .iso files released & downloaded in early August.

In prior releases (dating back to 1996) I have been able to utilize the address range data directly from the Streets attribute table.  Using this data I am able to append USPS Carrier Route information to each street segment.

In the current release of SMNA it appears the customary Left_From, Left_To, Right_From, Right_To attributes have been replaced with F_JNCTID and T_JNCTID which appear to link to routing tables or some other file.

I use ArcGIS Desktop Basic v and hope (and pray) these changes do not force me to add extensions to access the same attributes I have for the past 17 years.

Thanks in Advance

Kris Johnson