Establishing the width of Right of Way with a Parcel

Discussion created by rangercap on Oct 29, 2013
I'm in the process of developing right-of-way plats for linear utility projects (gas lines, water lines, etc). We are typically given a basic alignment and then need to set up the right of way on parcel plats. I'm would like to develop a script to automate some, if not most of this process.

Basically, a right-of-way easment could be a total width of 50 ft, 25 ft on each side or 15 ft and 35 ft, and so forth as long as the total width is 50 ft. I'm trying to develop a script for a given section of pipeline, that when it crosses a parcel polygon, and for instance is less than 25 ft from the edge of a parcel polygon, the line representing the pipieline would offset to 15ft or what it takes to fit within the parcel (5ft, 10ft, etc) the other side of the ROW would then offset the difference of this first offset and the total width of the ROW (ie 50 ft).

Has anyone done anything like this or similar? I really don;t even know where to start.


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