Using count and group by in makeQueryTable_Management

Discussion created by tfman716 on Oct 29, 2013
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I know you can't use the count and group by in the where clause of the MakeQueryTable_Management function but is there a way using python to count the rows that are the same once done?

I have the function working so that it exports to a .dbf file but instead of having them grouped by ID's it just has them all listed separately. For instance:


What I want is this:

ID       COUNT
1234       2
2345       2
2346       1

Is there something I can use in python to either group all the same id's together and add a new column to my dbf or is there something with ESRI I can use?

My end result is I want to join this to a shapefile I already have and color code them by counts and have it update on the fly.

Thanks in advance!