Dojo Build and the ESRI SDK

Discussion created by donnieh on Oct 28, 2013
I've been trying to get a dojo build going and the only solutions that I've been able to find are the ones referenced in the following forum posts (thanks guys).

This solution is based on downloading a special "AMD" (uglified/minified but no layers) version of the ESRI JS API that appears to be undocumented and unadvertised. This concerns me because ESRI does not make this build of the API available in the API download (as the full and compact versions are). That leads me to believe that creating a build process around this might not be a good solution in the longrun.

So, question for the ESRI folks... Can we get this included as a part of the downloadable API if this is going to be the recommended solution for creating a dojo build w/ the ESRI API?