Need help with script to download AGO data to desktop

Discussion created by davidkgolden on Oct 28, 2013
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I'm very new to AGO and have no background in python scripting. I need a script that downloads AGO data to be subsequently used for ArcGIS Desktop. Eventually I will need to automate this process. Can anyone help me out with this script? I'm also not really sure how this script would be implemented, so any pointers would be very useful!

Essentially I am working on a GIS application for the farm I work at that will be used to track pasture health throughout the cattle rotation lifecycle. Input by user will be location of fenceposts that comprise the corners of the current paddock, as well as paddock health details. I have made models using ArcMap that will convert these points into paddock polygons and then store the location and data in a relationship class to a fishnet. Right now I'm thinking that Collector might be the best method for collecting this data (please point me to something more appropriate if you know of it). However, I don't have a way to download this data from AGO to the desktop (manually or automatically) so that these models can be run. Also I don't know how to input existing data (fenceposts) into Collector rather than creating a new feature. In the end I need this all to be an automated process.

Here's a link to my original post where I detail the final product I am attempting to create: