Python Add-In ToolPalette Display Issue

Discussion created by AdamCox on Oct 27, 2013
Hello, I'm working on creating a toolbar as part of a python add-in, but I'm having a problem with the display of a tool palette. I'd like to have a caption (or better yet, an image), but I'm not having any luck.  I've tried using the wizard, but even after entering a caption, in ArcMap the tool palette has none.  I've also tried editing the config file directly to add a caption, but nothing happens.  I feel like I'm probably missing something, but there isn't much documentation on the tool palette.  Any ideas?

I'd like to tack this question on as well:  Is there any way to control the layout of the add-in toolbar when it is not docked?  I'd like to preserve it's linear shape, but it gets kind of jumbled when it is not docked.