About Search order in Find Task

Discussion created by bviswanathan on Oct 25, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I have a conceptual question about Find Task in Esri JS API 3.7 (although this isn???t specific to the API version)

Here is the scenario:
1) Find Task is configured to work on a Dynamic Map Service URL (published on ArcGIS Server 10.2)
2) Specific layer IDs have been set in the Find Task parameters (FindParameters.layerIds)
3) Fields to be searched for are set in the searchFields (FindParameters.searchFields) like:

1) If we do a search for ???Chemistry???, which is present in both Name and AliasName field, which field should be returned in the foundFieldName property of FindResult?
2) Do they follow the same order as we specified in searchFields (in the code)? OR
3) Does it work in the order fields are created in the layer (in the REST endpoint)?


Balaji Viswanathan