Populating Drainage Area for NHDFlowlines Using ArcHydro

Discussion created by ricsteve on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by ricsteve
We've been plugging away on a project here that involves using the NHDFlowlines with Hazus to generate good stream centerlines and populate them with the drainage area using a Lidar derived DEM and watershed boundary.

I decided to take a look at ArcHydro thinking that it may be a simpler process than with Hazus. I used the NHDLines and DEM and blew through the Terrain Processing without issue. I have a nice DrainageLine and now I need to get it to the point where I can assign the drainage area (Attribute Tools -> Populate Drainage Area for Drain Line).

I stepped into the Watershed Processing section and I assumed if I were to get through all of that I would be able to use the tool above to populate the drainage area. However, since I already have a watershed boundary is there an easier way to do this? Dropping points to delineate the watershed is too time intensive.

Is there are way to bypass the Watershed Processing or trim it down if I already have the Watershed boundary? All I want in the end is a DrainageLine that has the drainage area populated.