NDVI polygons

Discussion created by jsai on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2013 by nidhinkn
I have create an NDVI raster and would like to use the tool "NDVI to Polygon".  I had successfully use it about 4 months ago but when using it now I get the following error:  ERROR 000875: Output raster: T:\XXXX\XXXXXX\Scratch\Scratch.gdb\NDVItemp's workspace is an invalid output workspace.
ERROR 000581: Invalid parameters.
Failed to execute (Reclassify (2)).
This is the same location of the tool.  I have tried moving the tool to the toolbox within Arcmap but the path just changes to that path with the same error code.  My environment workspace and scratch space are set to C:\Temp.
I updated my computer from XP to Windows 7.
Any help would be much appreciated.