Concatenate three number filed in a text ID using Model Builder and Field Calcualtor

Discussion created by lucamoiana on Oct 25, 2013
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Hi there,

it sound like an easy question, but I couldn???t find my way out.

I have three DOUBLE filed that I want to concatenate in a new TEXT field (UID) using model builder and Field Calculator.

the three DOUBLE filed are ???Cod Istat??? always 5 characters, ID ranging from 1 to 4 characters so I want to add zeros in front of numeric value, and SUB  always 2 characters.

What I came out with is the following code for ???Code block??? but ain???t running

concat(ISTAT, ID, SUB)

for ID in concat:
if ID <= 9:
return ISTAT + (???000??? + str(ID)) + SUB
elif ID <= 99:
return ISTAT + (???00??? + str(ID)) + SUB
elif ID <= 999:
return ISTAT + (???0??? + str(ID)) + SUB
return ISTAT + str(ID) + SUB