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Issues republishing hosted feature service in AGO

Question asked by susanmoore on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Mtclimber03
I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 to publish hosted feature services into our AGO Org account. When I try to republish a service by doing an overwrite, I'm getting very mixed results.

Today, for example, I published a new hosted service in AGO. I wanted to republish it by using the Overwrite, but it doesn't even show up in my list of hosted services. I can see that the service was successfully publishing in AGO, but my list of hosted services won't refresh in ArcMap, even if I reboot. I tried creating a new service w/the same name, but it tells me the service already exists.

Earlier this week, I was trying to republish other hosted service from ArcMap by doing overwrites. Sometimes it would work, but sometimes after republishing, the hosted service became inaccessible in AGO (I'd receive an error when clicking on the services that says it is "does not exist or is no longer accessible"). If I kept trying to republish, it would eventually work.

Other times earlier this week, I would try to republish, and after I selected the Continue button on the Overwrite an Existing Service and answered "Yes" to continue, nothing would happen. I would just be returned to my MXD. Again, if I tried it over and over, it would eventually work.

Has anyone else had these issues? I'm finding it very frustrating to do the same workflow over and over until it works. I submitted an incident to tech support on Monday, but I haven't received any assistance yet.