Reduce Z values from DEM along a line

Discussion created by raphomme on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by stefan.haglundesri-se-esridist
Hi--extreme newbie here, so please pardon the ignorance.

I'm trying to subtract from Z values from a DEM along a line.  The idea is to "etch" a line of depression into the DEM layer, so that I can then hillshade it and see the depressed line in 3d.  I've used the Interpolate Shape tool to capture the Z values of the DEM along the line.  But I just don't know enough to see how to subtract a certain depth and width along that line from the original DEM.  I'd like to depress the DEM along the line by a very small amount, less than a meter if possible, and by maybe a meter wide, just to leave the trace of the track.

Of course I may be going about it entirely wrongly!  Any help would be much appreciated.