Do I need subscription to publish my app using ArcGIS JS API and public maps ?

Discussion created by amineg on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by zj_zou
Hi All,

I am using ArcGIS JavaScript API to display public maps in my mobile application.

Till now, I have not used any subscription, even "free for development" plan.

In the page  I can read "You will need to upgrade to a paid subscription when you put applications into production"
In the other side, In the page  and I can read "Delivered as map services, these basemaps and reference layers are freely available to anyone and include World Imagery, World Street Map, World Topographic, Ocean Basemap, and more." and "Using Esri basemaps in your apps does not consume credits but you are limited to using 1 million basemaps per month."

So my questions are:
- The public map that I am using right now, are named basemaps, right ?
- Can I use these basemaps, with ArcGIS JS API, in production, without any subscription/plan ?