Dam rupture simulation

Discussion created by minimal on Jul 3, 2010
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Hello dear community,
I want to prepare a PhD research plan and I was thinking at two options but I do not know if it's possible to accomplish what I want and I need some help on this.

1. Is it possible to simulate (with GIS software) the area that will be flooded if a water dam crashes because of some reason..?!

2. Considering that someone wants to build a dam, to retain water in some specific point, is it possible to calculate in how many days/months it will fill up with water?!

I am curious if I can do a PhD study that will use GIS techniques to respond to these questions. My priority would be the 1st point, with the dam rupture, I would like to present the area that will be flooded if a dam near my city would crash.

I appreciate any reply and/or example of studies similar to the ones I planned to do. It would mean a lot.


Robert R.