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I am facing a quite interesting requirement: "run python scripts whitin an ArcGIS Runtime app".

checking the concepts in the ArcGIS Resources for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF i can read:

Geoprocessing in the runtime provides you with a framework for answering your GIS questions. The API works with geoprocessing though geoprocessing service tasks. These tasks are either hosted online, through an ArcGIS Server, or can be hosted locally, by providing the local server with a runtime enabled geoprocessing package (GPK).

Geoprocessing services can host one or more tasks, which come from a tool, script, or model, authored in ArcGIS for Desktop and then published to ArcGIS for Server or packaged as a geoprocessing package

but also I can read the following statement
Not all geoprocessing tools or functionality are supported in the runtime local server. Please see the supported geoprocessing tools list.

a few lines after is the next statement:
Python scripts

Python is an open-source, general-purpose programming language used as a scripting language in ArcGIS geoprocessing. Python scripts can be shared for use with the runtime as geoprocessing packages. Scripts can be turned into script tools, and then packaged into a geoprocessing package. The ArcGIS Runtime contains its own imbedded Python

I understand that I can run python scripts using the geoprocessing packages, but not all the functionality that I can get from ArcPy library is available, Am I wrong?

is there a known workaround that allows to run python scripts? (with out using ArcObjects, just ArcGIS Runtime)