Postgres: How to use data from the web?

Discussion created by cucinelli on Oct 22, 2013
I'm searching and failing to find my answer all over the different forums.

Please help me.

Small example of what I'm trying to do (my situation is more complicated but it can be simply explained like this).

I have data that looks like this - one record for each state in the US by year. (this is just fake data)
Year State Population
1990 Alabama 4,010,203
1991 Alabama 4,020,211
1992 Alabama 4,220,312
1993 Alabama 4,123,889

for each state for years 1990-2010.

I have that data in Postgres as a table.
I have a state shapefile in postgres with geometry.

I would like to publish a service in ArcGIS Server so that I can create a javascript webpage where I have year as a list box and the user will select year and then I make a map (cholorpleth) of the right years data.

I just can't find an example of how to query a database and get back a map.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong.

James Cucinelli