Modules in v3.2

Discussion created by jorge.vinagreesri-portugal-pt-esridist Employee on Oct 21, 2013
I there

Currently i am using version 3.2 of the API. I was reading the documentation about modules and classes both from esri and from dojo.
The documentation itself is rather confusing about the the syntax to be used.
I seems that dojo itself supports require syntax and, as of version 3.2, this syntax is not yet supported because esri modules are not migrated.

So my question is this: is there any way to write modules using the most recent syntax (define syntax, etc...instead of dojo.provide, etc....) and still
use\import esri namespaces(even if i have to import the whole esri namespace)?

Can anyone point me to an example, for instance, load a map with an defined extent and basemap, using modules with the version 3.2 of the api?