New to ArcGIS:  Looking for Mentor to Help with MapTemplate Questions

Discussion created by lmiles03 on Oct 19, 2013
Ok just so its clear, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.  Ive got a question that will no doubt lead to others if you have the patience I'd be happy to PM you.  I have just loaded the ArcGIS for Desktop v10.2.  Now I want to save ArcGIS road and highway files into a file geodatabase to use as a Map template.  The geographic area I would like to get the road and highway data for is in a state in Australia.  New South Wales is the state and the area I'm interested in the specific area of Port Stephens.  I know there are other sources available, however I am specifically interested in what ArcGIS has to offer and understanding the limitations.

Your advice and patience will be appreciated!