Features in Shapefile Don't Display in ArcMap But Exist in Attribute Table

Discussion created by tgfallis on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by natogd
I am working with several shapefiles (points, polys & lines) that were created by another organization.  I'm updating maps for production, and am editing several of the shapefiles.  In doing so, I'm consistently running into a problem where, after editing, a feature in a shapefile randomly vanishes, and then when I try to create new features from existing feature templates, they won't display in the MXD.  The features do exist, because they show up in the attribute table and when I select the item in the table, I get a "ghost shape" selected in the MXD, but the feature itself is invisible.  It's like the geometry is there but it won't display.

I have no definition queries.  The layer symbology for the "invisible" features is turned on.  (And other features of the same symbology display, just not the newly-displayed or newly-edited ones).  The display is has no minimum or maximum scale set.  I tried deleting the index (SBX & SBN) from the shapefiles but that didn't help.  It can't be a representation issue because these are all shapefiles, not feature classes stored in a geodatabase.  This happens in both line and polygon files.

I've researched this problem extensively online and can't find any answers--this is driving me nuts!  Does anyone know what's going on here?