CE not responding

Discussion created by florinette on Oct 18, 2013
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Hi there,

After several weeks working on an urban project,suddenly ,yesterday CE refuses to "respond" when opening the program , rather ,it opens stuck on the previous scene I'm working on , when I want to close it ( file-> close) the workspace turns transparent and on the top left of the main windows I have : CityEngine Basic 2012-1 new_ scene1.cej (not responding), in the operations information space in the right bottom  I have "busy" , free memory ,green light , 1483 (MB)  39(GB). It occured after adding a static model (47MB or so ) transforming it into a shape and trying to cleanup the shapes ( the model is rather complex).
Someone had this problem ?
My system : OS Win7 64bits
                  64GB ram
                 AMD Opteron64 (4184) processors  x2 2.80 GHz
                 Nvidia Quadro FX5800 graphic card ( 4GHz)
What could be the solution ?