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Discussion created by jmadrigal on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by xtian79
Can't seem to find the answers in the forums and under help:

  1. If I buy a deployment pack of 25 (in which I did), does the Local Runtime License Viewer app always only generate one license string for all 25 deployments?  This is what looks like happens.  If so, I suppose it is on the honor system you don't distribute your app more than 25 times.

  2. If I buy a deployment pack for one of our customers and another for another customer, how do you get the Local Runtime License Viewer to generate the correct code for the specific license?

  3. Will ESRI ever let me buy just one deployment license?  This may be the deciding factor for a small project and I'm deciding between ESRI WPF runtime vs. another mapping API/control that has similiar functionality.

  4. When a new version of ArcGIS runtime comes out, can I use the new version with my current license or will I have to buy a whole new deployment pack again?