PostgreSQL: geometry on lookup tables or data or both?

Discussion created by cucinelli on Oct 17, 2013
I am trying to get my database admin to set up postgreSQL for use with ArcGIS Server and one question I had was:

Do we put the geometry field type on the

a) lookup tables like (statenames, statefips, etc)
b) the table with the data (statefips, race, sex, age, pct college graduate)
c) both?

The idea is that I want to be able to use a javascript viewer eventually to call to the database and pick race, sex, age and statistic (pct college grad, poverty pct, etc) and create a map online that we can use mouseovers and be able to export a jpg or png.

Presently, we use ArcGIS Server with feature classes that I set up where I make a csv file and then put that into a geodatabase and then publish a MXD with all of the fields as columns in ArcGIS Server.

We would like to make this be able to hit a bigger list of fields and using the database would allow this for us.

Thank you in advance,
James Cucinelli