Problem of applications trying to access services not exisiting anymore.

Discussion created by gazy on Oct 17, 2013
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We have a setup with reverse proxy ( with many subthemes and many webservices for each themes.

All these services are free and publicly accessible.

One of the issue we are having is that sometimes for differents reasons (always good :-)) we have to delete a service.

Our problem is the following, we do not know who are our "customers" or users. swe inform the changes via different channels (twitter etc) but of course it is not enough.

When i check the logs of my servers i see many request of access trials to services not exisiting anymore
(ie Service 'Land/CLC1990_Cach_WM.MapServer' not found. Check if the service exists and is started.)
Of course I do know this is normal since we do not have that service anymore.

My question is how we can block these requests?
It is impossible to manage that via the reverse proxy settings, any tricks or ideas?