DeploymentTool.exe command line - Buggy?

Discussion created by philbeeson on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by dlednik-esristaff
I'm trying to automate our build process.  As Part of this, I need to be able to create the deployment package using the command line.   However, I am unable to get the DeploymentTool to create files in correct output folder.

For example,   If I execute the following commandline:

%ARCGIS_ROOT%\tools\deploymenttool.exe /t F:\projects\_sys\ViewPointPrismClient\branches\1.3.0\Libs\rt  /c F:\projects\_sys\ViewPointPrismClient\branches\1.3.0\VPConsole.config

Where ARCGIS_ROOT is the installation folder for the SDK and F:\projects\_sys\ViewPointPrismClient\branches\1.3.0\Libs\rt is a folder that exists and is empty.    The tool then creates the following folders in the F:\projects\_sys\ViewPointPrismClient\branches\1.3.0\Libs folder not the \rt folder:

  • client32

  • client64

  • rtLocalServer32

  • rtLocalServer64

  • resources

In addition the Libs\rt folder is deleted.
Note that the folder name has been prepended to the LocalServer directory names only.

If I add the trailing \ on the target folder name i.e.

%ARCGIS_ROOT%\tools\deploymenttool.exe /t F:\projects\_sys\ViewPointPrismClient\branches\1.3.0\Libs\rt\  /c F:\projects\_sys\ViewPointPrismClient\branches\1.3.0\VPConsole.config

Then the Libs\rt folder is deleted and no deployment folders are created (at least not anywhere I've found yet !)

Is there something wrong in my interpretation of the command line parameters for this tool,  or better yet is there a version available follows the principle of least surprise and will actually create correctly named deployment folders ?

At the moment I'm post processing the folder names from the first example with a batch file in order to get the output into the same folder structure and naming as the tool output in GUI mode.