Overwriting an existing shared service NOT working??

Discussion created by cthiry on Oct 16, 2013
Hi all,

I am using ArcGIS 10.1 for desktop.

I have been trying to "share as" a "service" and overwriting an existing service on my account.  The sharing and overwriting seem to go fine--I am able to locate the service I want to overwrite, and after a few clicks, it says I am successful.  Yet, when I try to add my newly-updated service to a web map, the data is the old data, not the updated stuff.  (My update to the services is merely  the addition of a field to my data).  This new field is not available when the service is added to a web map.

I realize that one option is to create a new service (2.0 of the same data) and get rid of the old data set.  But this defeats the point of the overwrite feature. 

Thanks in advance for any help,
--chris thiry
map librarian
colorado school of mines