Geocode service based on Composite Locator not honoring minimum match score

Discussion created by shaunrconway on Oct 16, 2013
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Hello Everyone,

We are running ArcGIS Server 10.0 SP5. We have published a geocode service that is pulling from a composite geocoder in our SQL database. The service does not appear to honoring the minimum match score setting in the composite address locator. We have a address locator built against our address points, and one built against our street centerlines. Each geocoder has am minimum match score set. When these address locators are published as a geocoder service, the minimum match scores are honored. However, when the composite address locator is published as a geocoder service, the minimum match scores are ignored. For example - when a specific address is searched against the geocode service built from addres point locator, no results are shown (expected behavior). However, when that same address is input into the geocoder service generated from the composite address locator, results are returned with match scores below the minimum threshold.

This is causing a real issue as we would like for no results to be shown unless are a 100% match for the address points. This will allow a user to search for a address, if no address point is found, then the address is geocoded against the street segment.

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