MultiPatch to KML - No Textures in ArcGlobe

Discussion created by cbester-esri-southafrica-esridist on Oct 16, 2013
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Hi all,

I have received some photo-realistic building multipatches. The aim is to create an "As-is" model of the entire city as a sort of 3D basemap, so the format should be able to handle huge datasets. I then want to serve the "3D basemap" from ArcGlobe as a GlobeService.

Question #1: Should I convert the multipatches to KML? Which 3D format handles a large number of features the best?

I have tried to convert the textured multipatches to KML, but when it opens in ArcGLobe the textures are missing. I then tried to generate simple Shape rule models of the multipatches as described in http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/76669-Shapes-VS.-Models-VS.-MultiPatch before exporting to KML.

Shape -->

But the buildings still do not have textures.

I then tried to export procedurally generated and textured buildings to KML and view it in ArcGlobe and it worked!

I used the default ArcGLobe settings in the Export window for all attempts.

Question #2: Is there another way to export Multipatches (as well as their textures) to a KML?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.