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Saving a date, as a date (Citizen Service Request)

Question asked by Glitchy on Oct 15, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Glitchy
We started with the Citizen Service Request, and added two fields "IncidentDate" as a date field, and "IncidentDateString".  I can save a the user input date value as a string to IncidentDate.  But I can't seem to save the user input date value to "IncidentDate".

I can save a date & time stamp to the IncidentDate field by using the same value that the RequestDate field gets.  But I cannot save a user entered date.

var date1 = new Date(dojo.byId('txtIncidentDate').value);  serviceRequestAttributes[serviceRequestFields.RequestDateFieldName] = date.utcMsFromTimestamp(date.localTimestampNow());   serviceRequestAttributes[serviceRequestFields.IncidentDateStringFieldName] = dojo.byId('txtIncidentDate').value;

Does anyone have any suggestions to get the user entered date saved in the "IncidentDate" date field?