add Raster catalog and jpg files to local dynamic layers

Discussion created by robert.zargarian@zettate on Oct 15, 2013

I am trying to add raster catalog layer to localdynamicservicelayer using Runtime WPF sample ???Add shape files and raster???. It is not showing up. I have the same problem with .jpg files.
My question is could .dbf raster catalog and .jpg raster files with .jgw files be added to a localdynamicmapservicelayer as in sample?

I have tried this.

My raster catalog consists of directories with numbers that contains *.tiff files and a *.dbf file in the root that contains paths and coordinates. I can add this ???.dbf??? to Arcmap document and create an .mpk package and view it in Runtime WPF map.
Obviously it works to view raster catalog data when it is in original service.