Network Analyst for wayfinding in indoor environments

Discussion created by daniel1337 on Oct 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by aaronch
Dear community,
I'm currently working in the area of indoor navigation and would like to know if there is somehow a possibility of using network analyst for wayfinding in indoor environments. In the example I've found it was required to setup the "path"-network first. I'd like to calculate these pathes "on the fly".

So lets say I'm in a room and would like to leave the building as fast as possible. Because I could be everywhere in the room, I can't setup a path-network.

Is there anything in Network Analyst I can use for?

If not:
I'm actually working with another tool (which is probably not known to anybody so I don't try to introduce it), where I calculate the necessary route-graph information. Is it somehow possible to import these information into ArcScene and NetworkAnalyst?