Having Issues with Story Maps....just won't load anything!

Discussion created by christopher.wesson on Oct 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by christopher.wesson
I've downloaded the Countdown Story Telling template and at first I got it to load some of my own data and just had some bug fixing to do. Somehow I seem to have lost this work so started afresh.

Now on my fresh, clean download I can't even get it to load the sample data! All I get is the egg timer (clock).

The 25 airports should run from the index.html with the default config file correct?
I'm sure it did last time (a few months ago) or was that just my imagination?

I have tried replacing with my own content and I get the same, just the ArcGIS online startup egg timer (clock).
Have tried both Firefox and IE.


Been working on a map for a blog post since July and got absolutely nowhere with it!