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Can I use row object to select features for geoprocessing

Question asked by armein01 on Oct 12, 2013
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There is more but I know the rest is working.
I am wondering if I am on the right track.

So I took a raster (containing values of forested, open, road, nonhabitat) and tabulated the area by county into a table (outTble).   I want to find the buffer distance around line features (rtsPath) that has the same forested percent (frstPrcnt) as the county.  In the while loop I will increase the buffer by 5 X the cell size until the frstdPrcnt is found then I will populate the rtsPath with the approriate buffer distance.

Wondering about my syntax and can I use the row as input into the geoprocessing tool or am I way off?

rows = ap.UpdateCursor(rtsPath) for row in rows:     rows2 = ap.SearchCursor(outTble, '"CoZoneName" = row.CoZoneName')     buffDist = 402   #This will be meters as all my inputs are UTM     frstdPrcnt = 0     lpChkVal = (rows2[2] / (rows2[2] + rows2[3] + rows[4]))     minLpChkVal = lpChkVal - lpChkVal * .05     maxLpChkVal = lpChkVal + lpChkVal * .05     x = 0      while frstdPrcnt < minLpChkVal or frstdPrcnt > maxLpChkVal:         ap.Buffer_Analysis(row,)