Need help regarding Hot-spot Analysis through ArcGIS JSAPI 3.6/3.7

Discussion created by sunilpalkar on Oct 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by astauffer-esristaff
Hello All,

I am going through Hotspot Analysis through java script sample and I want to perform similar thing at my end.

While accessing this sample it taking too much time to display the result (for sign in I created 30 day trial account so is that matter to access the sample?)

-According to this sample ESRI mention that if you want to use this type of service then you need to subscribe the ArcGIS Online analysis service (Why ? we have ArcGIS Server which itself costly product then why should we again purchase the ArcGIS Online?)

-Can I create similar service at my end using geo-processing and use in the code?

-In future if I want to use spatial analysis services then ArcGIS Online subscription will be necessary ? (If so then whats the importance of having  ArcGIS Enterprise Advance license?)

Any help regarding this will be great !!!

thanks in advance : )

Software suit: ESRI 10.1 and ArcGIS JSPAI version 3.6/3.7