Creating Clusters/Groups of Neighbors?

Discussion created by dihardhunter on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by xander_bakker
I'm working with a set of 88 counties in Ohio, and I need to cluster them into groups of 3 based on minimum aggregate distance between each possible cluster of 3 (I created polygon centroids for each county).  This will be done without replacement.  Once a county is assigned to one cluster, it is not available for others.

Put another way, if there is A, B, C, and D in close proximity to one another, does A/B/C or B/C/D create "tightest" group based off sum of the distances between A-B, B-C, and A-C versus B-C, C-D, and B-D.

I am aware of the Grouping Analysis tool in version 10.1 (not positive that would do the trick...), but unfortunately I do not currently have access to that platform.

Help please!  Thanks in advance.