Error LicenseInitializer.vb

Discussion created by jrsprescott on Oct 10, 2013
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I am debugging an application in Visual.Net 2010 with ArcEngine 10.1 SP1 but generates the following error in the license:

     ' Make sure an active runtime has been bound before calling any ArcObjects code.
       If RuntimeManager.ActiveRuntime Is Nothing Then
            RaiseEvent ResolveBindingEvent(Me, New EventArgs())
       End If

      "Unable to load DLL 'ArcGISVersion.dll': Can not find the specified module. (Excepción de HRESULT: 0x8007007E).

      This application works fine in Win XP and 7 32 bit, but in Win 7 x64 Don't works.

      I hope you can help.