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Template Picker not loading in hidden accordianpane, same code works if pane is vis

Question asked by jeff.pace on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2013 by btfou
So I have an Accordian Pane, in an Accordian Container, in a TabContainer, in an ExpandoPane

If I load an edit widget, the editbar loads, but the template picker is empty.  No amount of refreshing it makes it populate.


If I click on the Editing Tab quick enough so that the pane is visible when the editor dijit creates, it loads fine.


Code for editorWidget

 createEditing: function(fArray){               var layers =, function(layer) {           var fieldInfos=,function(field){             if( === 'description'){               return {'fieldName':,'label':'Details'};             }             else{               return {'fieldName':,'label':field.alias};             }           });           return {featureLayer:layer,'fieldInfos':fieldInfos};         });            var settings = {           map: map,           enableUndoRedo:true,           layerInfos:layers,           toolbarVisible: true,           createOptions: {             polygonDrawTools: [                esri.dijit.editing.Editor.CREATE_TOOL_FREEHAND_POLYGON,               esri.dijit.editing.Editor.CREATE_TOOL_AUTOCOMPLETE             ]           },           toolbarOptions: {             reshapeVisible: true,             cutVisible: true,             mergeVisible: true           }         };         var params = {settings: settings};          editorWidget = new esri.dijit.editing.Editor(params,'editorDiv');                editorWidget.startup();            }

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