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Can desktop 10.1 publish to Server 10.2?

Question asked by evtguy on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by evtguy
My organization is currently at the 10.1 license level for desktop ArcGIS as well as ArcGIS Server. We're having a ton of stability issues with our internal 10.1 development server instance of ArcGIS Server so we're considering updating it to 10.2 to see if this corrects our problems. One question that came up was whether or not desktop 10.1 would still be able to publish to a 10.2 instance of ArcGIS Server (our desktop installs will still remain on 10.1 for the forseeable future).

Can anyone confirm whether or not we might have any issues publishing services from desktop 10.1 if we upgrade ArcGIS Server to 10.2?