Intermittent Web Adapter

Discussion created by on Oct 10, 2013
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Using 10.1 ArcServer inside firewall, rest services are always up. However We have a server on the DMZ running Web Adapter so it can expose the rest services to our outside users. Port 6080 open. We thought this worked well however it appears to be intermittent and random. Sometimes we get "Unable to connect to the remote server" and other times it works well. When watching port traffic it runs at 100mph when up and zero when down.

No one has touched the server in the last 24 hours yet it's (web adapter) been up and down several times. The server is a VM 2008 R2. Setup mainly for this purpose.  Can the web adapter generate logs? Anyone else had a similar situation? Can I use the web adapter from 10.2 with our 10.1 ArcServer as a possible solution?