Sharing a map = sharing underlying ressources with everyone ?

Discussion created by tstcivc on Oct 10, 2013
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I have the following case :
- i create a map wich uses a feature (shapefile, WMS, etc.).
- i want to share this map with everyone (in order to incorporate it in a website).
- when i share the map, i have also to share the underlying feature (no choice)
- so, my underlying feature becomes publicly available : i.e anyone can view and re-use it in Arc Map

My problem is that this feature is confidential :
- it's alright to display it inside a dynamic map
- but giving it to everyone (i.e. viewed in arc map and then downloaded / copied) is not acceptable !

Is there any solution in this scenario ? I want to incorparate the map in a public website without publishing the underlying feature as a public ressource for arcgis users.