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how to enumerate through a Polyline

Question asked by MikeEber on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by agray1
I have two points on a hydrography layer which we want the distance.  Originally it was a simple call in the Military layer but since that was pulled in 10.1 I'm taking this approach:

I'm planning on using one of the spatial functions passing the start point and end point.  The one function I found returns a PolyLine with the line having a 'value of 3 if it is a single connection'.

I want to "walk" through that polyline adding up the connections to get the total distance.  I'm new to ArcGIS and their lack of documentation for developers.  How do I enumerate through that polyline to a) find that line and b) is it correct to assume that once I know the resolution that adding up the number of cells with the value of 3 will give me the distance via n*res.  If I can pull out the collection of points can I use the lat/long to compute this?