enterprise geodatabase on oracle spatial with linux

Discussion created by gprocino on Oct 10, 2013
Hi all,
I will create for my customer an enterprise geodatabase where AGD 10.1 clients has a direct connection to an enterprise geodatabase oracle spatial with SDO_Geometry datatype.

The customer has the following server:
1) db server with Oracle 10g R2 (64-bit) - SO: linux red hat enterprise a 64bit release 4
2) db server with Oracle 11g R2 (64-bit) - SO: linux red hat enterprise a 64bit release 5.5
3) server with ags10.1 - SO: Window Server 2003 R2

What i need to install on db server, if I will use AGD 10.1 clients with direct connection so I will use arctoolbox command for create an enterprise geodatabase oracle spatial-gdo_geometry based? (

On Which SO I can create the enterprise geodatabase oracle spatial-gdo_geometry based with a direct connection? they are the some of ARCGIS Server 10.1 of the following page
where I read Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 5 (64-bit)  Update 7?

Thanks in advance.
Giuseppe P.