link to two geoprocessing services

Discussion created by skysijie on Oct 9, 2013
Hi there,

I am building a web application with two climate models, which have different variables to choose. So whenever the user make the choice of the model, variables for user to select changed on the app. These two models along with their variables have two different geoprocessing services to link to. Both of them would have a statusCallBack function like this:

function statusCallback(jobInfo, dia, outputname){
  console.log(jobInfo.jobStatus + " "  + jobInfo.jobId);

if (jobInfo.jobStatus == "esriJobSucceeded") {

dia.set('content', "Your job number is: " + jobInfo.jobId +"The current status of your job is: <b>" + jobInfo.jobStatus.replace("esriJob","") + "To view the output results click <a href='http://geoprocessingserviceurl" + output);


And, I have one Submit button to submit all info which user selected to the service. I know how to do with one server, but I cannot figure out how to link to two servers separately with different selection in one JS.