Unexpected token when making geoprocessing call

Discussion created by sholyoak on Oct 9, 2013
I've some code that worked fine before I started moving to AMD style.  Now, I'm getting an unexpected token error (in Native code, no less) when making my geoprocessing call.  It fails immediately - that is, it doesn't even seem to get sent to the server.  My geoprocessing tool is working fine, as I test that with the same parameters being sent from code, and I get the expected result.  I've checked all the parameters being sent from code, and the token the error message indicates is not present in any of the parameters.  How do I determine where the error is being introduced?

My code:
      var vl = JSON.stringify(_this.visibleLayers);
      var params = {
          "xMin": this.extent.xmin,
          "yMin": this.extent.ymin,
          "xMax": this.extent.xmax,
          "yMax": this.extent.ymax,
          "Spatial_Reference": this.spatRef.wkid,
          "Map_Scale": this.mapScale,
          "Visiblelayers": vl,
          "Layout": this.layout,
          "Map_Title": registry.byId("mapTitle").value,
          "PointGraphics": graph.getFeatureSet("point"),
          "LineGraphics": graph.getFeatureSet("polyline"),
          "PolyGraphics": graph.getFeatureSet("polygon")
      this.cmgp.submitJob(params, lang.hitch(this, this.pdfCompleteCallbackCM), lang.hitch(this, this.pdfStatusCallback), lang.hitch(this, this.pdfErrorCallback));