'ERROR' code='1013' and 'ERROR' code='1017' in the same service at same time

Discussion created by amayamateos on Oct 9, 2013

we have a lot of services in our server, and almost of them have these errors (various in the day):

<Msg time='2013-10-08T12:05:28' type='ERROR' code='1013' target='xxx/yyy.MapServer' machine='virp0182' thread='2832' elapsed='13.32900'>Server Context creation failed on machine ddd.</Msg>
<Msg time='2013-10-08T12:05:33' type='ERROR' code='1017' target='xxx/yyy.MapServer' thread='2868'>Container  process 7052 has crashed on machine ddd.</Msg>

I haven´t found any solution in the forum. Any idea please?

Thanks a lot!

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