telecom network spanning multiple zones

Discussion created by m.nemer on Oct 9, 2013
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am facing a problem with telecom network in a project, this issue actually can apply to any other network, not necessary telcos, am asking in this forum since am working with a telecom network.

The problem:

am working in UAE and the country falls into UTM zone39N and UTM zone40N, the telecom network spreads covering the whole country and this means the network is covering both zones:

how can i represent the network accurately while it falls into 2 different projected areas?


am using Ericsson Network Engineer to model telecom network, which runs ontop of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, this application creates its own data set, to record the telecom network elements, and this data set needs to be projected, and i cant create 2 data sets, the application only accepts one data set. plus there is the geometric network issue. if successfully created 2 data sets:

is there a way to create a common geometric network between 2 different data sets?

Thanks for help.