AddJoin_management simply doesn't seem to execute.

Discussion created by krispfeiffer on Oct 8, 2013

I'm running 10.1, with the 64bit geoprocessing patch installed.

I'm automating the creation of a bunch of maps using Python and we have the need to bring in a table within an Excel file that contains some data.  I can guarantee that the fields will be named as expected.

I'm asking for the table via a parameter in the script...the user simply points at the table they want to import and join.

Here's what the command line looks like, according to the logfile:

AddJoin_management NOTerritoryFocusCys ID C:\Users\pfe2040\Documents\ArcGIS\TransientData\MarketOpp.xlsx\Report1$ FIPS_Code KEEP_ALL

Indeed, it looks the same if I execute the AddJoin interactively with ArcGIS...which does work just fine.

Anyway, the log file reports nothing amiss.  The layer NOTerritoryFocusCys does exist (it's created in the same script, just before this little chunck of code). 

Once the script is complete, no errors are reported, and I take a look at the target NOTerritoryFocucCys - no join.  It's like the script does the join, but it doesn't "take." 

Any ideas?  Am I missing something simple here?