where are the M values???

Discussion created by xtian79 on Oct 8, 2013
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I create a package file that includes the geodatabase, the geodatabase has define a line feature class that has enable M an Z values.

var centerlineLayerService = sender as LocalFeatureService;

            var centerlineLayer = new ArcGISLocalFeatureLayer
                                          Service = centerlineLayerService, 
                                          ID = "arcGISLocalFeatureLayer", 
                                          LayerName = "routes", 
                                          Editable = true, 
                                          AutoSave = true, 
                                          ReturnM = true, 
                                          DisplayName = "Routes",
                                          DisableClientCaching = true,

After that I create some lines (create the mapPoints - including M and Z values- then the collection of mapPoints..and finally the observable collection) the line is created and added to the layer.

Then I try this snipped:

var centerlineLayer = this._map.Layers["arcGISLocalFeatureLayer"] as GraphicsLayer;

            foreach (var route in centerlineLayer.Graphics)
                var newLine = route.Geometry as Polyline;
                var pointCollection = newLine.Paths[0];

Surprise!!!!! the M Values  in the newLine object are gone!!

why this would happen???